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Delivering independent assessment of the accounting

ClevelandShaw helps clients get results.

We do this by concisely presenting the accounting facts, neutrally and objectively. Quaere verum. We seek the truth and present the hard facts of what is recorded in the books and records.  We determine how the actual accounting integrates with the claim and provide context.

Clients seek resolution. We are typically retained when claims are initiated, unresolved or at a standstill. Financial forensic expertise enables more informed decision-making and understanding of the true picture. By establishing common elements for discussion, founded on hard facts, equitable positions can be developed and settlement achieved.



Lesley Cleveland

Lesley E. Cleveland

BAcc, CA (Scotland), CPA CA, CFF, IFA, CBV, CFE

In-depth review of
the claim

  • Examining the particulars and support documentation.
  • Connect the dots. Identify discrepancies.
  • Assess the credibility and reliability of the supporting accounting documentation.

On-site verification
of costs/resources

  • Interviewing key personnel involved – Finance and Project Control.
  • Understanding the accounting systems in place and accounting policies employed.
  • Obtain necessary books and records to substantiate the claim.

Trusted advisor

  • Informing executives/senior management and counsel of neutral findings.
  • Identify necessary work to be performed according to strategy in place.
  • Attendance at executive meetings as accounting resource.

Litigation Accountants

ClevelandShaw is an independent litigation accounting practice, specialising in financial forensics. 

This means we provide the accounting expertise in matters of dispute, that may be in litigation or have the potential to be if they remain unresolved.  Our particular expertise in financial forensics involves application of an investigative mindset to gather, organise and analyse financial information.  Although used interchangeably with “forensic accounting”, we prefer the more generic term “financial forensics” to reflect our work in construction disputes arising in the ordinary course of business (that are typically non-fraud related).  


“The accounting facts introduce a fresh perspective and strengthen the claim when corroborated with other evidence. This benefits the parties seeking resolution.”



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